Orchard U-pick

We are in the process of updating U-pick info for 2022.  Check back soon.
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Please note: Delicious Orchards offers u-pick only on the varieties highlighted in red below. We may have other varieties of fruits and vegetables available in our store from local producers in different micro-climates. 

*Seasonal weather affects the availability of fruits and vegetables.


Actual dates may vary by as much as two weeks due to weather conditions, geographical location of the farm, and other factors. It is always advisable to call a farm earlier than the expected beginning of a season to verify on the status of the product you are interested in.


​General Colorado Produce Availability


  • Apples: July, September - October, November

  • Apricots: late July, August, mid-September

  • Blackberries: early July, mid-July to mid August, August

  • Cherries: early June, mid-June to mid July, late July

  • Grapes: August, September, October

  • Peaches, Nectarines: June, July - August, late August

  • Pears: August, September, October

  • Plums and plouts: July, August, late August

  • Raspberries: July, July - September, October

  • Strawberries: May 20, June 10 to June 30, early July


  • Asparagus: April, late April - early June, June

  • Beets: July, August, October

  • Broccoli: early June, late June - July, August

  • Cabbage: June, July - August, October

  • Carrots: August, September, October, November

  • Cauliflower: early June, late June - July, August

  • Cucumbers, May, June - September, October

  • Eggplant: Early July, mid July - September, October

  • Garlic: July, August, September

  • Green beans: July, August, September

  • Kale: July, September and October, November

  • Lettuce, greens: March, April - July, September

  • Melons: mid-August, September, October

  • Onions: April, May - October, November

  • Peas: late April, May - early July, late July

  • Peppers: early July, late July - September, October

  • Potatoes: April, May - October, November

  • Pumpkins: September, October, October

  • Rhubarb: late June, July, late July

  • Snap Beans: May, June - September, October

  • Squash (summer): June, July to September, October

  • Squash (winter): August, September, October

  • Sweet Corn: late June, July - September, October

  • Tomatoes: May, June - September, October

  • Watermelons: August, September, October