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Orchard U-pick

As of 10/28 we have a few apples for u-pick. We also have a variety of bins available to choose from, including pears.

*Please note: Delicious Orchards offers u-pick only on the varieties marked with asterisks. We may have other varieties of fruits and vegetables available in our store from local producers in different micro-climates. 

*Seasonal weather affects the availability of fruits and vegetables.


Actual dates may vary by as much as two weeks due to weather conditions, geographical location of the farm, and other factors. It is always advisable to call a farm earlier than the expected beginning of a season to verify on the status of the product you are interested in.

​Colorado Produce Availability


Apples: July, September - October, November

**Apricots: late July, August, mid-September

Blackberries: early July, mid-July to mid August, August

**Cherries: early June, mid-June to mid July, late July

**Grapes: August, September, October

**Peaches, Nectarines: June, July - August, late August

**Pears: August, September, October

**Plums and plouts: July, August, late August

**Raspberries: July, July - September, October

Strawberries: May 20, June 10 to June 30, early July - everbearing varieties may continue until frost, usually at a lower rate of production


Asparagus: April, late April - early June, June

Beets: July, August, October

Broccoli: early June, late June - July, August

Cabbage: June, July - August, October

Carrots: August, September, October, November

Cauliflower: early June, late June - July, August

**Cucumbers, May, June - September, October

**Eggplant: Early July, mid July - September, October

**Garlic: July, August, September

Green beans: July, August, September

**Kale: July, September and October, November

Lettuce, greens: March, April - July, September

**Melons: mid-August, September, October

Onions: April, May - October, November

Peas: late April, May - early July, late July

**Peppers: early July, late July - September, October

Potatoes: April, May - October, November

Pumpkins: September, October, October

Rhubarb: late June, July, late July

Snap Beans: May, June - September, October

**Squash (summer): June, July to September, October

**Squash (winter): August, September, October

Sweet Corn: late June, July - September, October

**Tomatoes: May, June - September, October

Watermelons: August, September, October



Common Colorado Cherry Varieties Harvest Schedule    

Benton - early June, Mid-season,  large sweet cherry with excellent firmness and flavor.

Black Pearl - early June,  large, firm, with excellent flavor, stores very well.

Rainier - mid June,  golden sweet cherry with red streaks.

Common Colorado Peach and Nectarine Varieties
Typical order of Ripening and Harvest Schedule

Variety: Stone, Typical harvest start date, Typical harvest end date

Early Red Haven: Semi-clingstone, July 15, July  25

Redgold (Nectarine): Semi-clingstone, July 15, July 30

Rising Star: Semi-clingstone, July 20, Aug 5

Red Haven:  Semi-clingstone, July 20, Aug 5

Blazing Star: Freestone, July 25, Aug 10

Red Globe: Freestone, Aug 10, Aug 20

Angelus: Freestone, Aug 10, Aug 20

Contender: Freestone, Aug 20, Aug 30

O'Henry: Freestone, Sept 5, Sept 15