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Our Story

Why is it called "Big B's"?

BIG B's is the story of our roots - Bernie Heideman and Bob Kokes.
Bernie's juice company and Bob's orchard are the foundation of everything we do today.


Bernie (the original Big B) started our juice company in 1973 with the goal of making the healthiest, most delicious juices out of the most delicious fruits (from the North Fork Valley, of course!)  His high quality juices were loved by many throughout Colorado. So, in 2002, when the Schwartz family bought the company, they already had a fine foundation of quality and passion to build on. They continued the tradition of exceptional products and expanded into hard cider making, vinegar, and more!

Bob planted our orchard in 1965 with an amazing variety of apples, cherries, pears, peaches, plums, and nectarines.  Delicious Orchards became the home of Big B's in 2006 and welcomes visitors throughout the growing season to experience orchard living at its best!  We offer our juice, hard cider, vinegar, wood pellets, camping, cafe, local produce, locally made gifts, honey, jams and jellies, and much more to locals and visitors alike. We hope you get to enjoy our Delicious Orchard and see what makes Big B's a truly special company!

ALSO, because BIG A's was already taken and we are so much better than those BIG C's chumps.
Don't even get us started about BIG D's...they wouldn't know a gala apple from a fuji apple. #appleburn

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